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2018 is a wrap! Stay tuned for 2019 events! <3

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“You thought I was just another bubble-headed blonde bimbo!
Well, the joke’s on you, ’cause I’m not even a real blonde.”

Welcome to Steampunk Harley, the one and only Mallet Mashing Mistress of Mayhem!
Buffalo’s premiere Harley Quinn Cosplayer, traveling all over Western New York, Southern Ontario, and beyond!!

Steampunk Harley Quinn
From canon to fanart based – the most Harley Quinn costume varieties, the most FUN! With MORE in the queue! In a sea of 7000 of the same costume at any given convention, you can bet that I’ll be the Harley to stand out from the crowd!

Available for parties, events, costume judging, group cosplays, photo sessions, and costume consultations!

Harley Quinn Costumes include:

-Steampunk (Self Creation)
-Injustice 2
-NoFlutter’s Fanart, Fantasy HarleyInjustice 2 Harley Quinn Cosplay
-Holiday Harley Quinn
-Arkham Asylum
-Arkham City (Not yet pictured)
-Arkham Knight
-Suicide Squad Movie Version (Not yet pictured)
-Suicide Squad COMIC Version

Marvel Costumes:

-Cross-cosplay Star-LordCross cosplay Star-Lord
-Black Widow 
-American Dream
-Captain Marvel (Comic Version)
-Captain Marvel (MCU version)
-Lady Deadpool

Steampunk and Other Categories:

-Steampunk Jedi
-Steampunk Wonder Woman
-Steampunk Green Lantern
-Steampunk Star-Lord
-Lara Croft
-Star Trek Science Officer
-’66 Batgirl (Courtesy of Bob <3 )

I can only accommodate costuming requests if there is some assistance in procuring it.

***Please Note***

I know that everyone is getting ready for the upcoming con season, due to a number messages sent my way:

*I am not accepting or seeking commissions. I simply do not have the extra time.

*My personal costumes are NOT for anyone else's use. Seriously. 

*If it is a costume available for use at our studio, Queen City Pinups, I do make note of it in the image caption. Sizes of those costumes are usually small to medium. These are items Bob and I have purchased explicitly for the studio. From time to time, I may donate pieces that no longer work with what I am doing. The costumes listed on this index are NOT a part of Queen City Pinups

Professional Photography provided by that handsome Renegade Time Lord from Queen City Pinups, LLC, Bob Hubbard

Bob published a book. You can order it on Amazon, either as a hard copy or a kindle edition!

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Consider making a donation to help fund my costuming – I’d very much appreciate it! I will thank you on Instagram and credit you on the costume it helped with


2018 Costume Progress

Star Trek/Dr. Quinzel Crossover – DONE!!! Needs Pix
Black Widow v1 – DONE!!!
Lara Croft – DONE!!!
Arkham City HQ Upgrade – DONE!!! Needs Pix
Arkham Knight Upgrade – DONE!!!
Steampunk Green Lantern – DONE!!!
American Dream – DONE!!!
’66 Batgirl – Done!!!
Captain Marvel Comic– DONE!!! Needs Pix
Steampunk Star-Lord – DONE!!!
Black Widow 2.0 – DONE!!!
Injustice 2 2.0 – DONE!!! Needs Pix
Lady Blackhawk – Done!! Needs Pix
Lady Deadpool – Done!!!
MCU Captain Marvel – Done and already needs replacing LOL

The 2019 Convention/Appearance List!

Feel free to let me know of anything within a 4 hour radius of Buffalo, NY and I will put it under consideration!
<3 Steampunk Harley

February 9th – Buffalo Auto Show*^
March 4th Domino’s Grand Opening*^
March 15th Amherst Community Center Ice Cream Social Fundraiser^
“March 17th Joe D’s Comic and Toy Show$^
March 31st Spring Buffalo Comicon*^
April 20th Sweet Buffalo Rocks Easter Hunt^
April 15th Flower City Comicon^
April 16th Steel City Con (tent.)
May 18th Nickel City Con
June 2nd Walk for Anemia^
June 8th  Niagara Falls Comicon
July 27th Fundraiser for Courage of Carly^

* = in association with Buffalo Comicon
^ = in association with JLWNY
$ = in association with Queen City Pinups


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