Anniversary Present

My work gave me a $50 gift card and I picked Amazon…I had a small list of what I would get, because you know there is no such thing as an empty Amazon wish list….

Instead, I got something for my hubby for our anniversary in 3 weeks 😮 It should be here before then 😀

It’s Thursday

Day 5 on no updates on my American Dream costume -_-

Going to shoot ’66 Batgirl tonight! Wheeee!

Need to clean up and get ready for guests and prep my costumes for Sunday

Our group has an opportunity to attend the Avengers Premiere as costumed guests. Problem is, we don’t have a lot of Avengers yet. My American Dream should be in, so I can represent Captain America….we have a Black Widow, which would have been my back up plan if we didnt have her. I have my cross gengered Star Lord, but I don’t think that would have worked. I do have Gamora, but need help with the paint….so what Im saying is that my first choice better be in as expected and fit like its supposed to LOL

Which also means Im going to have to fix up that weird jacket Bob bought for Star Lord. He can use my mask, wear some BDUs and a grey shirt and call it a day. I have ordered him the actual shirt, but it won’t be here in time. Oh well

Exciting things ahead!

Spring Buffalo Comicon

Spring Comicon will be THIS Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM. Along with being a comicon ambassador, I will be there with WNY Superheroes and Cosplayers as well as Queen City Pinups! You can purchase special trading cards of me as Harley in various shoots from Bob!

I will be wearing my Injustice 2 Harley with my group and debuting my Green Lantern as a judge

Im looking forward to spending the day with so many friends!

Green Lantern is FINISHED. Just need nice pix ^_^ American Dream is STILL sitting in DHL’s container in China for over two days because…reasons..?

Also Bob got me a SURPRISE costume – hope it fits 😀


I’ve been invited, along with a few of my friends from WNY Superheroes and Cosplayers, to attend Cosplay for the Cause To Help SCHUYLKILL WOMEN IN CRISIS on June 9th. And I was specifically asked to bring my steampunk outfit <3_<3 It sounds like an awesome time!

Current Updates

My Steampunk Green Lantern is coming along nicely. Its not quite done. The main part is 99% done. I need to put on 3 buttons, fix an epaulet, and steal the shoulder cords from my HS band uniform.

Not super important, but the buttons are pewter and I want shiny copper now. The copper cogs will be here eventually that I can glue over, It isn’t the end of the world that I don’t have them now, so I went cheap and got them for $3 off Wish and Ill add them whenever they show up. It doesn’t look bad with pewter buttons, but I want it to match with the other stuff I put on it. It shows awesome on the green.

I need to make gaiters. I ordered copper buffalo nickel buttons to tie in to being in Buffalo. I am half kidding when I told someone I wanted to start a Buffalo Green Lantern Corps.

I also ordered a green Shako. I can’t wait to see what I can come up with.

This is definitely an ode to steampunk and my marching band days. <3

I have ordered American Dream and today the shield came in….can’t wait for this one. I have a lot of sit ups to do

I have also told Bob that I will get him a costume if he drops the weight he wants. Hopefully it will motivate him.


Sorry for not posting in a bit. We had a LOT of catching up to do after we both had the sickies. I am back on track with making Steampunk Green Lantern. I also will be cosplaying American Dream – the costume will be sponsored in part by Queen City Bookstore/Buffalo Comicon.

I should be finished with Green Lantern in a week or so with American Dream coming in about 3 weeks.

Oh the sickies

My Dahling gave me his sickies. I tried to call off work on Monday, which is a huge deal because I havent called off sick in 15 years. But I couldn’t get coverage. I was able to get Tuesday off and I slept the whole day 🙁

Im back at work but I feel like Im underwater….my brain and body are out of sync. On the plus side, dropped the 4 pounds I gained 😡

On the minus, not well enough to continue with steampunk GL….oh well. Not like all my parts are in and I still have to figure out why my automatic button hole setting does not automatically make a button hole…

Ok, losing brain function. Will write later

Variety Club Telethon

Got up early for me so that our group could help Joe D present his donation. He donated $500 with plans for more after his show next Sunday!

Come to Joe D’s Show and meet the WNY Superheroes and Cosplayers from 10 -4!

2176 Liberty Dr, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-3727, United States

We’ll see YOU at the show!

I also started my steampunk green lantern, but I seem to have come down with Bob’s plague, so we didn’t go to STARFest and I soent most of today being a housecat 🙁

Upcoming Fun!

So got lots of fun planned this month already!

This Sunday I am going to be on the Variety Club Telethon with Penguin, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman!

Next weekend we are having our group meeting for the WNY Superheroes & Cosplayers on Saturday and Joe D’s Toy Show on Sunday

The either the next weekend or the following Ima gonna hook up with my girl Jaylynn – I met her at last Buffalo Comicon and it was totally fate. I was stuck forever in the waiting area for the cosplay contest and honestly feeling, well, OLD lol so I mostly hung back and watched people mill around. Then toward the end, Jaylynn came in and beelined it to me since I was also dressed as HQ – she was so outgoing and enthusiastic, I couldn’t help but like her. She never did a walk on before, so she was nervous but I helped keep her calm 😉 We exchanged IG handles and we’ve been friends ever since. She is hands down one of the sweetest people Ive ever met and I can’t wait to get with her and help her with her cosplay goals <3

Next Costume

After consideration, instead of the red/black HQ club dress I will work on my Steampunk Green Lantern. Ill save the dress for warmer weather 😉


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