Miscellaneous Costumes

Here are my non-Harley Costumes, until I have enough to make a new subpage

Genderbend Star-Lord

Yeah total cheat costume. I needed something safe for my day job where I do a lot of walking and lifting. Shirt and jacket from Hot Topic, Mask from Think Geek, Pants are my BDUs, Belt was from my old Lara Croft cosplay and my boots are the L2 Raiders from Pennengalan Dreams.

Yikes, the new items cost me $120 o_O Would have been more but I had a Think Geek gift card :O Whatever, I was totally cute 😛

Please note that my Tomb Raider belt and boots get recycled a lot. 😛

Gamora *Retired*

My husband suggested I do this cosplay so that we could have a variety to sample a “couple’s cosplay/pinup” Valentine’s Day Shoot

The bodice and leggings cost me about $30 through Amazon. Ill be honest, Im not happy with the leggings. Its a “one size” and its definitely loose on me. Ill replace them with a pair I do like later. The coat I lucked out and got for $20 on eBay. The first wig I bought was $11 on eBay, but came in WAY brighter than the picture. Luckily there was a price drop on Amazon and I was able to get this one. The body paint was $13 through Amazon although Im not great at applying it.

I bet you recognize those boots 😀

Even cheap cosplay is not cheap. But honestly, this looks better than the commercial costumes I was finding, which had been my original thought. =/ So much for only spending under $40 LOL This one is more like $75

I gave the coat and wig to a friend to cosplay, so I am not doing anything else with this character


I was originally going to make this from scratch. This was another one I had all my notes ready to go. But then I won a 50% off coupon for XCoser, so I figured why not?

I had to adjust the sword strap a little bit and the mask around the neck, but otherwise it fits well. I got the pink converse on sale at Journey’s and the swords were cheapies off of Amazon.


American Dream

This costume has been on my wish list forever. And thanks to Queen City Bookstore chipping in, I was able to get it!

My story goes something like this: A million years ago, when Spirit Halloween was still new, I went in on one of their after Halloween is over sales. I saw the cutsey American Dream costume and got it. When I got home, I discovered that it was coming undone along the waist. Once the costume was out, I could see that written in sharpie, that blended in against the dark fabric, a note stating it was defective. Alas, no returns at the time.

It stayed in my closet for over a decade until I finally learned how to sew and managed to fix it. Its still cute, but Ive definitely outgrown wanting that as a costume. American Dream NEVER left my cosplay wish list!

In the meantime I had found the one I currently have and have been lusting after it for probably over a year LOL Now I definitely have to upkeep my abs! 😀

The little girl with me was Amazing. She correctly identified my costume and loved being American Dream herself so much, that she would rather have worn her older costume instead of using her much newer Supergirl <3 Im SO glad I chose to wear this on that day 😀

Susan Hubbard as American DreamUpdated for 2020:

I knew my previous version wasn’t going to cut it. For one, I’d have to keep up doing crunches 🙁 For two, I have a very scary tattoo on my lower back, which is definitely not family friendly. I don’t want to scare kids, so I knew I would have to update to a full coverage Captain America costume.

I dragged my feet on buying it because the version I love, Age of Ultron, is always the most expensive version. I lucked out and WON any Captain America of my choice from SimCosplay – to say I was thrilled was an understatement. They even insisted on custom measuring, when I tried to make it easy for them.

The tailoring is amazing on it. I could find no flaws, nothing that needed fixing. The only thing was that the pants were TOO tailored. At first I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get them on. I laid them over my normal work pants and they should have fit! I flipped it over and saw they had put in darts in the booty area. All the custom measurements in the world do not account for the roundness that is my booty. Luckily, I was able to get some Dickie’s to match. Looks like I will need to get back to doing some squats 😀 I made a couple of modifications for my personal preference only. There wasn’t anything wrong with anything. I loved the construction on this so much, that I ordered a Black Widow from them.

My favorite part is the gloves. I don’t know but they’re great lol



Lara Croft

For the record, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft will forever be my one and only woman crush.

I did a half-ass one a million years ago with tan shorts that looked horrible on me and a white leotard. The only things that looked good were my boots that I wear with EVERYTHING that were inspired by the movie from Pennengalan Dreams and my belt with the buckle from Kropserkle.

I finally decided to do right by her. Technically, my shorts and shirt are total closet cosplay. The shirt is an old one I had from Walmart. If I can find a tighter fitting one on the cheap, Ill replace it. The shorts I intended for another cosplay but they don’t flatter me when you can see the top of them. They were from an Army surplus store for $10.

The belt and wig and from XCoser. I had to modify the holsters to properly fit the pistols. The wig, ironically is what my hair would naturally look like if I din’t bleach it or kill its length… >_>

The pistol bodies are off Amazon, while a friend from HS did me a solid and printed out the modifiers on the nose.


Batgirl ’66

Bob bought it for me off Amazon. I painted shoes from Savers for my boots…and although they look great, really hurt my feet ;_;



Batgirl 52

This Batgirl has been on my list for quite some time. Again, another one that that was shifted down the to-do list.

I always said if a GOOD commercially licensed costume was put out at a decent price, I would get it. This one is by California Costumes and I ordered it off of Amazon. The prices fluctuate, so if you don’t need it right away, it could pay to check on the price every now and then. 

The jacket, cape, and pants are great. I can definitely move around in it. The belt is in a mirror image of how it should be, which is a minor annoyance. Its also huge in the waist. I assume it’s a one size fits all. I had no issues trimming it down and I put Velcro where I wanted it to stay at the end. I also used 5mm foam and put walls in the pouches to give them form.

The mask is a cheap half face plastic piece of doo doo. I made my own instead. I also re-used my Mera wig.



Lady Deadpool

Its very hard to find a Lady Deadpool suit how I would want it, but I decided to make this work.

Hot Topic had the bodysuit on sale for $20. The mask was useless, so I got rid of it. I had the XCoser Deadpool mask already, so I took that, put a slit at the top and used a ponytail extension I already had.

I also re-used my Gwenpool harness, my pistol belt, and my tactical gloves. The deadpool belt is also from XCoser.

So it was fairly straightforward and I wasn’t out a whole lot of money for it. 


Updated: Thanks to Simcosplay, I won an AWESOME Lady Deadpool. I had to pay for the mask but Im ok with that! It fits perfect and I am in love with it!


Captain Marvel Comic and MCU (V1, V2, and Flightsuit)

Ahhhh Captain Marvel! While I had always liked her, she was never on my radar until a friend of mine said I needed to cosplay her after the end scene on Infinity War.

First, I had the comic book version, which my friends at Queen City Bookstore help buy. I got it off eBay. I love how bold the colors are, but didn’t like the starbursts. I made a temporary replacement, but plan on doing a better one later.

Then I got the V1 MCU version from Procosplay.  At that point, most shops were guessing based on the black & green Kree uniform that had been shown. No official images of the blue version were available. I loved it tons, but I got a small puncture in the jumpsuit from the back zipper. I was going to only replace the jumpsuit, but when I went to the site to look up something for a friends, I saw the updated one and my dear husband heard me squeak, rolled his eyes, and said to get the full replacement.

I’ve also picked up a cat plush to be Goose (first a beanie baby buddie, then an official Goose) and got the cosmic pager off of etsy. A friend is currently printing out the helmet, but Im also going to make one out of foam. See which fits better. EXCITED!

I also went with the flight suit Carol wears. Its a GREAT costume for when Im feeling lazy and I get a lot of compliments on it. I got the suit off of eBay – one was in my size with Captain bars already on it. The other patches I ordered from Stich’s Loft.

He also fitted my bomber jacket to look more authentic.

As of 10-21-19 I have mostly retired my Procosplay costume. The vinyl is wearing off in places and many seams need reinforcing. Plus it was a gigantic pain to move in and to get in and out of. I made my own jumpsuit. Pattern from Simplicity 8286. It definitely made me cry a lot. Some were my fault (losing a pattern piece, forgetting proper tension on zippers), some of it the instructions and how for my measurements, the  pattern seemed to think I should be 5ft 7in :*( BUT I got it finished. You can see it in the images by the SHIELD car and with the Jr. Captain Marvel 

Steampunk Jedi

From top to bottom

Goggles. I paid extra for the fancy ones, but you can easily find them for under $5 These look cool, but are definitely on the heavy side.

My outer “cloak” is a coat from Dracula Clothing. Its well made, with lining. I probably should have gotten a size down. If you’re crafty, its available as a simplicity pattern.

The dress was from Hot Topic as a tie in to The Mortal Instruments movie I bought several years ago.

My belt is from Walmart and, as you can tell from the buckle, I used it for my Lara Croft costume when the movie came out. The buckle was made from a company called Kropserkel that I bought at my first Toronto Trek. I remember an awesome lady doing a Lara Croft/Borg cross over.

My leggings are from Kohl’s. However, after wearing Lularoe leggings, I just can’t even with these and I’m now on the look out for a LLR to replace it

My gaiters are from the same pattern I used for my Steampunk Harley Quinn, but with brown duck canvas and tan bias trim and hair ties.

My shoes are all black converse, because when you save the galaxy it should be in style. I got them on clearance in the kid’s section at Kohl’s

My lightsabres are from Ultra Sabres. The Kenobi TPM inspired one has fully customization light and sounds. The smaller two handed blades are stunt only in purple.

Optional accessories:

-Brown applebox hat. I started with a brown aviators cap, but it didn’t look right.

-Choker with the emblem of the Jedi order – it was a necklace from one of those pay only shipping offers. I put it on a wire choker from Hobby Lobby so it would work with the collar on the dress.

-Brown leather fingerless gloves

Steampunk Wonder WomanSteampunk Wonder Woman *Retired*

When Bob decided that he wanted to do a Wonder Woman project, naturally I had to put my own flavor to it, steampunk obviously.

I was a little tight money-wise, so I couldn’t go too crazy.

I bought the corset off of Amazon (shocker, I know). It was reasonably priced at $30 and came with a little underwear, a fabric tiara, and wonky gold gloves. They don’t account for thumb placement. I cut off the fingers and that made it a little better. The smallest size they had was a 6. I am a size 4 and found it to be on the snug in the-squish-my-boobs sort of way. Consider buying 2 sizes up.

The white shrug I had already had, also from Amazon.

The skirt I made from fabric I got from Savers and white bias trim. Its a high-low circle skirt that I free handed. I made the waist twice the size of my measurements so I could get the ruffling. I am pretty proud of how it turned out!

My socks are red kilt hose I already had (also from Amazon. I stalked until there was a pair under $20 BTW). The spats are from when I was in marching band that I never turned in and my shoes are patent leather marching shoes.

I would like to add a belt of sorts and get the lasso.

But for having no budget, I think I did ok ^_^

What I am MOST proud of is that this is the first time in a VERY long time that Im wearing a short skirt without hiding under leggings. I gained a lot of weight between a stressful job that was right next to Jim’s Steakout and severe depression following the loss of said stressful job. I managed to lose a decent amount and finally feel confident in skirts and shorts again!

I gave a friend the corset, so this is retired

Steampunk Green Lantern

Or as I like to designate myself, the Green Lantern of Sector 14220 (My zip code, HAR HAR)

So first of all, Im going to give some props to an amazing Steampunk Green Lantern that is BustleGirl <3 I LOVE her creations. The reason I mention her awesomeness was that her coat was similar to what I had in mind. I didn’t want anyone to think I was trying to copy her, so I had to come up with a different angle.

So I started thinking about all the pseudo-military wear in the 17th and 18th centuries, which led me to my marching band days (7 years), which circled me back to Green Lantern because my Jr. HS colors were GREEN AND BLACK. It my logic, it does not have to make sense to you 😛

So I started looking for a pattern I could do my base off of. Lo and behold, I found the pattern used for the female drum majors at my JrHS as an old Simplicity, number 9155. I LOVE this pattern. Its easy, not a lot of pieces and only had TWO sizes so it wasn’t bulky.  It took a little to find my size, but I did on eBay.

I used an active wear green material for the main part. It has a little stretch to it, which is great, and it feels durable. I used a holographic black from Ya Ya Han’s line and, although it looks awesome, I HATED working with it. It was very difficult for me to work with, especially when I needed to make the cuffs. It stuck on even my non-stick sewing foot. I ended up hand basting the cuffs L

It was fairly quick work to put it together.  I modified the collar to give it an off centered look and added in epaulets. I also modified the circle skirt into a high low one.

There are copious amounts of bias tape.

I had a green jewel piece from Hobby Lobby, so I put that at the collar. I added copper gears to the collar and epaulets. Originally I was going to use silver hardware, but the copper looks great on the green. That’s why the buttons on the front are silver. I have more copper gears in the way to paste over it, so no big.

The patch was from Amazon.

The braided cords are from -my- HS band uniform. It has extra special meaning to me – 1) I wore it for four years and 2) the uniform and I are the same age, so I always felt a little more sentimental with it than I should.

I bought a waist pouch for my phone and added in my old Tomb Raider belt. I am getting my mileage out of it!

I made a little bustle out of scraps. Its not the best, I fully admit, but scraps don’t cost anything LOL I do need to go back in time and slap 1999 Me for cutting this tiny ass piece in the middle of my gold, since it was almost unusable! I was smart this time and made it a hook and eye system. If I make a different bustle or want no bustle at all, I have options!

The gaiters are made the same way I always make it. I have black and white knee socks, so I feel I have options there. I made the symbols out of ¼ inch foam and painted it. I bought buttons that were copper buffalo nickels to give a nod to where I live. Maybe someday we will have The Green Lantern Corps of Buffalo <3_<3

I am not going to wear gloves. Although I feel it would be a nice finishing touch, it would cover my Green Lantern tattoo on my finger. Maybe Ill get my white parade gloves and put them in an epaulet like we used to do in the field.

Shako. That would be the hat you see us band nerds wear in our parades and field shows. I debated doing headwear at all, but I found one in the right colors on eBay. Its my priciest single item. The item was cheap but the shipping was crazy @_@ I probably really shouldn’t have, but I felt it would complete the look 😮 I added in copper goggles, pasted a foam GL logo, and added in various bits and bobs.

Steampunk Star-Lord

So, as I started my Steampunk Green Lantern, it occurred to be that I could use the same pattern as a base for this one.

I elected no bustle this time 😉 But added embellishments.

The fabric I got off Amazon. Im happy with the sturdiness and ease of use, but it came with 2.5 holes in inconvenient places and the seller didn’t take much responsibility for it 🙁 It looks great however, but I did not wisely put in any liner. I thought the backside was enough. I had to buy a compression shirt so it wouldn’t stick on me. The black “skirt ties” are excess pieces from my Tomb Raider belt

The mask is off Amazon. LED goggles are glued on it and its mounted on a welders harness, which was my inspiration. I zip tied one of my Groots on it for flavor.

I bought the belt, blasters, and bag on Amazon…because I live there. I made the blaster harness from spare parts and duck fabric. I re-used my gaiters and gloves from my jedi costume. Rocket came from a Toys R Us Clearance. My shoes are my leather Converse.

Over all, while I would have done a few things differently, like the front panel, I think it was a success.


Mera JL Movie 

I have wanted to have Mera’s outfit from the Justice League movie from the moment I saw it. The costume shops weren’t too bad with it, but there were a few parts that it was obvious it was vinyl where it was supposed to be metal.

I’m glad I hesitated. I found a pattern to make it out of foam. Other than a helmet, this was my first big foam build. I spent 3 weeks building it. If I didn’t make so many mistakes, it would have been 2 LOL 

The most tedious part was cutting out each square and triangle for the scales (front and back)

Pattern: https://www.etsy.com/shop/stassklass

Suit: https://www.herostime.com/Aquaman-Costumes-C801/Mera-Justice-League-Undersuit-Superhero-Costume-Front-Zipper-JLC096.html

Wig: Amazon

Trident: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CP3DPrinting

I also have the more simplified version from the Aquaman movie. I actually liked the coloring of the one found at Party City. It has dimension since there are actual cuffs and the A at the waist is sewn on rather than screen printed. I painted some Wonder Woman boots a friend gave me. They were made very inaccurately, so I cut and glued and painted until it looked like something Mera would be wear. Pictures soon

Photography: Bob Hubbard

Mera Aquaman Movie

Honestly, its the suit from Party City. It looks better than 95% of the other suits I see, so I went for it. I made boots that were a friend’s Wonder Woman boots that were made wonky. I modified and painted it to match the suit. Its the perfect lazy cosplay




Ive wanted Valkyrie’s armor since I saw it in 2017. Other projects kept pushing it back, but when a very nice tax return came in the week before my birthday I decided TO TREAT MAHSELF. I got it from Procosplay, since I won a $60 credit.

The Dragonfang I had ordered over a year ago from etsy in anticipation of this costume. Poor Dragonfang had to wait.

The boots are a little tight in the foot and I had no room to put an insole in. I was able to hold up for most of the day in them, so that’s not too bad 🙂 

Now, if only we can get a Thor in the group….

Kaylee Frye

I love everything about Firefly and I miss that show ;_;

Think Geek had a massive clearance sale, so I got the coveralls for $18

I lucked out and someone was selling the parasol on Poshmark for a steal just before I needed it – it was meant to be! But really cumbersome at Niagara Falls Comicon LOL