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I switched to a gallery method. I had very lengthy descriptions of the costumes I’ve made, cobbled, or severely modified and it made the pages super long. I might go back and put each on their own page and link to them here.


Marvel Costumes
Star Lord | Captain Marvel | Valkyrie | Lady Deadpool | American Dream |Mary Jane | Black Widow | Scarlet Witch| Gwenpool


DC Costumes
Batgirl | Green Lantern | Lady Blackhawk |Mera


Harley Quinn Costumes


Other Costumes
Steampunk Jedi | Rey | Lara Croft | Kaylee Frye | Elsa |Jane | Daphne


Old Con Costumes




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2021 Costume Progress

Scarlet Witch (Endame) | Procosplay – DONE

Jedi Elsa | Made and Piecemeal – DONE

Velma (Scooby Doo) | Piecemeal – DONE

Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) | Piecemeal – DONE

Bo-Katan (Star Wars) | SimCosplay – DONE

Scarlet Witch (Wandavision Finale) | SimCosplay – DONE

Elsa’s Spirit Dress | Procosplay – DONE

Harley Quinn (B:TAS) | Made – DONE

Captain Marvel | White Sheep Leather – DONE



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by that handsome Renegade Time Lord
 Bob Hubbard


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