Busy Busy

Ooof, definitely haven’t written anything in awhile.

I ended up with quite the bout of depression the first half of the year, well the whole last year if I am to be honest. Losing Seven and River last July really devastated me. Every time, I thought I was on the way to being ok, I would lose it again. 

I really couldn’t have gotten through it without my friends. One took me to see Billy Joel and another got me to a Bills game. My JLWNY peeps kept me busy and distracted as best they could.

Costume wise, I did not do much this year (made or bought) and probably will not, unless I get inspired. I splurged and bought the Captain America from White Sheep Leather (Check the video section for my review) and to get me out of my funk, I made The Mighty Thor. Im pretty proud of myself for it (Video also up) and ultimately, I didn’t spend much on it since I had almost everything on hand already. I spent less than $30!

Besides running around all over multiple counties for JLWNY, we are planning our first ever gala and I also went to a couple of cons as Cosplay Guest/Judge. Thank you Villa Con and Decepticon!

Its July!

Hey look, I finally updated this site. It was getting way too cluttered, so Ive tried to streamline it a little and to re-brand it so it mostly matches everywhere. I think the only place I haven’t changed my name/info is on instagram.

I mostly have been working on content for my youtube channel. I have two videos on the horizon. The first one is the Harley Quinn suit I made and the Second will be my review for White Sheep Leather’s Captain Marvel.

Things are opening up again, so run over and visit Justice League of WNY and see what we’re up to.

I have my tickets for Black Widow and some of my JLWNY folks will be there as well, so that should be fun!

Been working on Youtube, how about you?

I started to work on updating this site and then got distracted, because that’s how I am πŸ˜›

Mostly was distracted with my Buffalo Bills getting all the way to the AFC Championship game, hating cold weather, making facemasks, and getting some videos made πŸ™‚

I won 2 more costumes from Simcosplay last December – Endgame Captain Marvel and Endgame Thor for Bob πŸ™‚

My Captain Marvel review can be found here:

Cosplay Review: Endgame Captain Marvel from SimCosplay
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Prev 1 of 1 Next

I also took a chance on a Lucky bag from Procosplay and got Scarlet Witch’s costume from Endgame – just in time for WANDAVISION! Ah-MAZE-ing show BTW

Second stimulus I upgraded my sewing machine – I LOVE IT and the third one I just ordered these two:

I can’t wait!

Stay Safe and Warm ^_^

Ooooh still bad on updates

I’ve been adding more videos to my youtube

Here’s my review of the Lady Deadpool from SimCosplay. I also won a Spiderman suit from them that should be here Monday πŸ™‚

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2020 Costume Progress

Project for Bob – In Progress

Black Widow Solo Movie Black Version | SimCosplay – Done
Rey The Last Jedi | Made – Done
Elsa Frozen 2 Traveling Outfit | Coat by ProCosplay. Dress by Angel Secret. Leggings from Amazon – Done
Dark Rey | eBay – Done
Black Widow Solo Movie White Version | Amazon – Done
Elsa OG Blue Dress | Angel Secret – Done
Lady Deadpool v2* | SimCosplay* – Done
Mary Jane’s Spider-Woman* | SimCosplay* -Done
Missy from Doctor Who | eBay – Its a mess, have to fix
Daphne Blake | Gift from Friend – Done

Many thanks to my mother and credit card points for helping me with a few goals, as well as winning some on giveaways*

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