Ooof, definitely haven’t written anything in awhile.

I ended up with quite the bout of depression the first half of the year, well the whole last year if I am to be honest. Losing Seven and River last July really devastated me. Every time, I thought I was on the way to being ok, I would lose it again. 

I really couldn’t have gotten through it without my friends. One took me to see Billy Joel and another got me to a Bills game. My JLWNY peeps kept me busy and distracted as best they could.

Costume wise, I did not do much this year (made or bought) and probably will not, unless I get inspired. I splurged and bought the Captain America from White Sheep Leather (Check the video section for my review) and to get me out of my funk, I made The Mighty Thor. Im pretty proud of myself for it (Video also up) and ultimately, I didn’t spend much on it since I had almost everything on hand already. I spent less than $30!

Besides running around all over multiple counties for JLWNY, we are planning our first ever gala and I also went to a couple of cons as Cosplay Guest/Judge. Thank you Villa Con and Decepticon!