I started to work on updating this site and then got distracted, because that’s how I am 😛

Mostly was distracted with my Buffalo Bills getting all the way to the AFC Championship game, hating cold weather, making facemasks, and getting some videos made 🙂

I won 2 more costumes from Simcosplay last December – Endgame Captain Marvel and Endgame Thor for Bob 🙂

My Captain Marvel review can be found here:

Cosplay Review: Endgame Captain Marvel from SimCosplay
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Prev 1 of 1 Next

I also took a chance on a Lucky bag from Procosplay and got Scarlet Witch’s costume from Endgame – just in time for WANDAVISION! Ah-MAZE-ing show BTW

Second stimulus I upgraded my sewing machine – I LOVE IT and the third one I just ordered these two:

I can’t wait!

Stay Safe and Warm ^_^