Ugh. That’s the short version.

I took two of my cats in to the vet at the beginning of January. Snoop had the sniffles she couldn’t take and Yui was losing weight no matter how much we tried to feed him.

Snoop was put on anti-biotics and cleared right up.

Yui we thought had been due to bad teeth. The prior vet clinic always told us his teeth were bad. Much to our surprise, the new vet said his teeth were fine, especially for his age. He had hyperthyroid that was stressing his internals. He was given an appetite stimulant and pill to settle his system. He went right back to eating, with him going on hyperthyroid meds and a new prescription diet. He even finally, at 16.5 years old, got his big cat meow when he got chicky (he usually squeaks instead of meowing).

Everything seemed to be going well, so I ordered the new Black Widow costume from SimCosplay since I was VERY happy with the Captain America I won from them.

Then on January 26th, I came home from lunch with my cousin to find Snoop laying strangely in a spot upstairs I never have seen her rest at. When I went back up later to feed them, she was laying somewhere else and didnt come over. Again, odd.

A few hours later, we noticed Yui’s paw turned over. We thought maybe he had sprained it and got him crated to minimize his movement until we could get to the vet in the morning. Once he was situated, our third cat, Seven, made a distressing meow. We knew one of the cats was having issues in the box, so I was always listening out for this. I ran up and he was in the middle of the stair case, no where near the box. I went all the way up and Snoop was laying odd near the water fountain. I got her up and noticed a small spot of blood on the carpet and blood flecks on her rear. I called up Bob to get a better look while I held her. When he got up, she peed blood on my lap. He went to go to walmart to get a second crate for her while I messaged one of best friends who is a former vet assistant.

She had me check a few things, specifically her gums. They were bone white. When Bob came home, we rushed to an emergency vet. The bloodwork showed she had bladder cancer and was severely anemic. We had to put her down. She only needed the sedative, so I know she would have passed that night regardless. At least we know the why and if we had waited, we would have woken up to something horrific. She hid it so well.

Yui, it turned out, was having reactions to him hyperthyroid meds. They were causing clots in his legs. He was put on pain killers and blood thinners. He stopped eating again. After a week of finding the best method to administer his meds, he started eating again. He was eating really great, I was so happy! But he wasn’t pooping and he didnt look like he was gaining any weight. His legs were still shaky and it was hard to walk.

But how he tried SO hard. He really did. The heart was there but the flesh couldn’t comply. I also think recovery was difficult because of losing Snoop. He was very attached to her. I think he was lost without her.

We made the decision to put him down on Valentine’s Day. Normally, I don’t care about this holiday, but he was our sweetheart and the irony was not lost on me.

We still have Seven. When we came home from putting Snoop down, he made a point to sleep with me at night again. After Yui passed, he has made a point to show how good he is, running and jumping all over. He is our independent Alpha cat and while he can handle being on his own, he does miss them in his way. I think he calls out for them because he knows its too quiet.

I miss Snoop yelling at everyone…I miss how Yui thudded when he walked. It didnt matter if he was 21 pounds or 7, I could hear him walking around three rooms away.

The vet bills were not fun. I maxed out or nearly maxed out most of my credit cards, so I have had to slow down a lot of plans. I’ve lucked out with credits, coupons, and gift cards to pick up a few things.

I have a lot of foam still from making Batman for Bob, so I am surprising him with the JL Aquaman armor to match my Mera.

Onto slightly happier news, JLWNY is still going strong. Adding new members and charity/community events. Its kept me distracted from losing Snoop and Yui. I know 16.5-17 years old is great for a cat, but it doesn’t hurt any less. I still have Seven and he’s my baby. He will be 17 in June, which I hope he makes.

My mother has been secret priming me from my Amazon wish list. One is a wig I can use for Captain Marvel, so I feel good about dying my hair red again. Ive been thinking about for the last 6 months or so. I love being blonde, but the upkeep is ridiculous since my hair grows so fast. If I can’t line up an appointment, my roots can look very bad. When Im a red head, my roots are less obvious and I can go longer between visits, ultimately saving money.

She also got me a wig for Elsa. I had to laugh because I was only THINKING about the character to encourage more princesses for our group. When I went to remove the previous wig from my list, the Elsa one said it was out of stock, so I figured the universe was telling me no. Surprise the next day! So I used my $50 coupon from Procosplay to get Elsa’s traveling dress from their ready to ship section, so hopefully that is what my DHL notice is for. My Black Widow is held up because of the Chinese New Year and the precautions China was taking for the CoronaVirus. As long as its here before the new movie, Ill be happy LOL