Yeah its been a bit. A lot has happened, some good, some bad. I update a lot over at Instagram.

So what has gone on? Lots of events. We just wrapped up Buffalo Comicon, Fall Edition. It was wonderful seeing a lot of friends. Ive got a ton of pictures, which I have to sort still before I put them up here

Members of the Justice League of WNY also participated in Offbeat Cinema segments, Cobblestone Live!, and Music is Art

Con-wise I only have Hamilton Comicon (Oct 13) and Joe D’s Toy Show (Oct 27). I am hoping that the costume I just ordered will be in time for both- MCU Captain Marvel 😀  Its a -little- more than I wanted to spend, but the shipping is what got me. I think the shoes made it heavier and cost more. The company is  great tho, and I had  $15 off coupon I won in one of their groups. I actually don’t mind the shipping with them because they will DHL it overnight as soon as its made.

Im also working on a Lady Blackhawk, but I have to modify the jacket I found. This is mostly for when any of my friends want to do a Birds of Prey theme. Everyone goes for Canary or Huntress, so I wanted a different character I can pull off.

Bob put out a photography book on his Cosplay photography, so check it out. Im on the cover lol