On Wednesdays, I’ll review the various costumes we’ve bought/found.

Today we will review two:

Adult War Time Doll” Size Small (4-6)

This is cute and flattering. There isn’t much give to it, so stick with the sizing listed. Its pretty wrinkled out of the package, so I recommend steaming or ironing if you can.

It comes with the dress and the cap. If the cap doesn’t stay on, use bobby pins.

Available at Spirit Halloween for $49.99. We used coupons, because who likes paying full price? 😀






Adult Seafaring in Style Sailor Costume” Size Small (4-6)

Its cute, but as a big bottomed girl, a romper was a little awkward. I feel like this just fit, even though I am a size 4. This looked much better on a girl with smaller breasts and hips/butt, which is obvious on the store site as well as in person.

This comes with the romper and the cap. Wear a white bra, as any other color will be seen.

Available at Spirit Halloween for $49.99, again with coupon.


All mentioned reviews are from items personally purchased by self or studio. I am not paid for my reviews. They are only here to inform consumers.