So this coronavirus nonsense….yeah, were all these people NOT washing their hands before all this? Because there is no reason to be out of soap if they were =/

Sadly, every event for the next month and half at least have been canceled or postponed. I was all ready to debut Elsa too 🙁

Im still working on my Rey costume. Simplicity has a pattern that I got for $2. Its not exact but very close. I have the vest done, minus some details that the pattern didnt include. Should be able to finish that tonight. I have the boots that I got from AC Moore when they were clearance out weird things, so that was $6 and some paint to make them darker (they’re knock off uggs). The shirt, Im just getting a $6 white tank off of Amazon. Ill make the pants later this week. I wanted to get a belt from one of the costume shops, but they aren’t even going back to their factory until the end of this month =/, so Ill get a lower quality one that’s on Amazon but available with Prime. Im aiming for next week to have it all done. I asked a friend to print me out the staff, so we will see if that happens.

Seven is still doing well, not counting smearing litter on Bob’s side of the bed last night, because he can.