So I decided to try my hand on an unboxing video. I figure I order so many geeky and costuming things, that I would share the fun 🙂 Ill probably do some review videos of items I got in person.

Unless otherwise specified, all items are fully purchased by me and all opinions are strictly that – opinion.

This is an item I purchased from Etsy seller The Plastic Foundry.

In the image below, I have one side of the gold detailing painted and the first coat of the handle. The gold is a fine tip paint pen and the white is a metallic pearl that goes on quite nice. Ill do the other side and a second coat of white tonight or tomorrow. Then I just need to find a holster it fits. The one I bought does not hold this pistol, despite the packaging having a pistol that looks to be the same size =/

Sorry for the quick cell phone pic in my kitchen lol Oh hey, Im wearing Dalek socks 😀