Yeah my bad, I continue to not update. My excuse is that the software that I use for this site “updated” and I hate it. Ive been website coding since 1998, Ive seen changes over the years…and what Divi did is just gross. There’s an alleged option to use the old editor, but when I try, I break the site. -_-

To say I am unpleased is understatement. I walked away for my own sanity plus I figure maybe some of the worst of it will have been fixed if I waited it out.

See also Executive Dysfunction stemming from my ADHD 😡

So to pick up from June, well its been a ride. I DID finish me Mera Armor and it looks pretty awesome if I don’t say so myself. I have only worn it a couple of times because most events aren’t really meant for it. I figure the next Aquaman movie will be soon and Ill have her ready to go for that. I also have her Aquaman movie version for if Im feeling lazy or if the event is not conducive to the armor.

If you go to the front page, you can see almost everything I have done with JLWNY. There’s a few private events not listed and JLWNY certain has done more than what I have been to. Around 85 events will be in the books for 2019, with 20 booked or pending for 2020. To say I am insanely surprised by the demand of the group is an understatement. It turns out people like working with groups that can clearly communicate and they are more than happy to refer us to other charities and fundraisers.

We have made some incredibly strong allies who have helped promote us or helped us get our 501c3 Status. As of this writing, we are the ONLY 501c3 cosplay group in Buffalo. That means any donation made to the group is tax deductible. We can also be found on Amazon Smile as Justice League of WNY, Inc. With the status, we are making big plans to help even more people in 2020, so I am very humbled and excited by the success.

Costume wise, I am trying very, very hard to watch my spending. I have a severe anxiety-depression cycle and because I am filled with unhealthy coping mechanisms, I buy a lot of things mostly for cosplay. While crafting is a very good therapy, it can be EXPENSIVE therapy LOL I am really trying to pace myself. I buy when there are very good sales or if I am buying an already made costume that I am able to justify it, not just buy because I want it.

After Mera (armor by me, zentai suit by Herostime), I finally got my Valkyrie armor (Procosplay). Ive wanted to have that costume forever and when I got a very nice tax return, that was my treat. Ive had to make adjustments with it and I didn’t wear until October, but I still love it. Its comfortable 😀

I have also said for years that if an authorized costume was decent that I would buy it to encourage more higher quality costumes. When I found Batgirl 52 on Amazon from a commercial license, I put my  money where my mouth was. The mask was awful tho, so I made my own. I also reinforced the pouches on the belt so it kept its shape.

I went through a couple of spandex Captain Marvel costumes. My first one, I loved. But its metallic spandex and the shine was wearing off. I didnt like most of the other ones available cheaply, so I settled on one from Amazon and I used my accessories from other costumes. My MCU one from Procosplay is finally crying its slow death. So I made both my own spandex version and have on order a vinyl version that I havent seen anyone locally have. It is one piece and has a front zip. The Procosplay one looks great, but its hard to move in and I always needed help to get into it. Also, about 6 people locally have it and a million other cosplayers, so I wanted to be a little different and I couldn’t wear it whenever it was over 70 degrees. The one I made, the pattern was a pain the ass LOL but I got thru it, learned a lot, and plan to use it to make the Endgame version.

I also picked up the simplified version of Mera’s costume, so I can wear her and not have to worry about the armor.

When Buffalo Comicon’s Fall show came around, I did not intend to make anything new, because broke. I said as much to a friend of mine on September 29th. September 30th, Bob asked me to make him Batman in 19 days. Amended to 18 for an event the day before 😐 I did it tho, because somehow I can make things in less than 3 weeks…

I also won a Captain America costume from Sim Cosplay, so we will see if that comes thru