Super cool!

I won a drawing for 50% off a costume from XCOSER, one of my favorite cosplay shops. I bought their Gwenpool, so now I can take that off my list! 😀


Ha, original title lol Today went well. I had an AWESOME Christmas Kitty shoot with 3 adorable Rex cats. I had a $10 off reward from Moe’s, so Bob and I went there for dinner and it was very filling. We did a couple of errands and watched the latest Pirates of...

New Pictures

I just received these two images from a Halloween/Birthday Party. I love how skinny I look! LOL I didnt feel like dealing with the gauntlets/gloves/shin guards LOL We played a lot of games, ate a ton of bad food, and had lots of fun 🙂

Holiday Promos Gearing Up

We are gearing up for our holiday promos at Queen City Pinups and the Gotham Sirens stopped in to wish everyone good cheer! This was my handmade Holiday Harley that I based off of a statue I saw on Amazon 😀 Pictures coming soon 🙂