Many years ago, my gramma who noticed my hand sewing decided to get me a sewing machine. Neither one of us not knowing any better, it turned out to be possessed and I threw it back in the closet.

That was 2000. It came with me on multiple moves, because one day I knew would conquer this evil demon. Also, I am probably a borderline hoarder. WHICH HAS COME IN HANDY lately >.>

An expected loss of my job made me re-evaluate myself and let me come back to the things I love, creating and cosplay being just a couple of them.

I dusted out the demonic sewing machine and asked a friend who had some experience to help me out. She helped me confirm that the main problem was the bobbin. I just didn’t know enough to know how it was goofy. We set that right and I went on my merry way sewing simple things.

Another friend of mine turned out to be a sewing guru and we quickly made a play date. We determined that my machine was NOT new when I got it, as we found fabric I never used in the bobbin bay. She also diagnosed a whole slew of problems with the machine that one so little used should have. It explained the issues I had been having. With my dear husband’s blessing, I ordered a new machine.

While I am still figuring things out on it, it was SO amazing to have a machine that doesn’t poo on itself every 3rd stitch ^_^

I tried to give the demonic sewing machine away, but no one wanted it. I considered going full Office Space on it, but I’m pretty sure that it would come back and haunt me. Much like Japanese horror movie remake, I feel I must give it away to some unsuspecting person. I donated to a local Savers and hope never to see it again.