My first planned costume of 2018 is going to be Black Widow.

This is me, so there is a story.

I wanted to do this costume back when Iron Man 2 came out. I purchased a black body suit at Spirit Halloween on clearance. At this location, they did not allow you to try on costumes and so I purchased it sight unseen.

When I got it home and pulled it out of the bag, it looked nothing like the suit on the package. The arms were gloved at the end and the feet were sewn shut. I could not even get it on me unless I took out my shins or something.

Disappointed, I threw it back in the bag where its remained for 7 years, or however long ago IM2 came out. A friend recently pointed out to me that since I can sew now, why don’t a cut the closed feet off and hem up the legs?

So I will be revisiting this costume idea for 2018 🙂