Dark Rey came in super quick as well as the white Black Widow – Im pretty impressed!

The wig in the previous post came in and it sucked. That’s why I love Amazon – I can send it right back. I got a new one and its not perfect, but serviceable.

Justice League of WNY has sent over 100 videos for birthdays and words of encouragement. Visit our page and look for Superhero Shout Outs to request your own! Ive also done around 20 for another group. My most popular requests have been Elsa, Rey, and Captain Marvel. Visit The JLWNY Facebook Page to see what we have done already

Ive made a lot of masks for family and friends.

Im still required to go in to work everyday. I’ve been “essential,” even though I don’t feel as I am. =/

My remaining cat Seven has decided there is something evil in the carpet in my craft room and has been peeing in a particular area. We have gotten him to narrow it down. When we flipped over the carpet we were surprised to find stains where there shouldn’t be, considering a bookshelf was on it from the first few weeks we moved in. We have been in the house for 8 years now and he never seemed to care. I don’t know if he has kitty dementia (he will be 17 next month), acting out because the other two are no longer there, really does smell something there and knows its not him so he has to show dominance, or he is the shithead he always has been since day 1. Spring has NOT really been here, so we can’t even open the windows to try get some of it out naturally. I think Im developing an allergy to all the cleaners LOL