I upgraded my Arkham Knight costume. I got the top, bottom, and tights at Hot Topic. I originally had a larger size, but Ive dropped weight. Ive replaced the top, but haven’t seen the next size down on the skirt. No big, as the top can hold the skirt up.

I was not looking to spend a lot of money on this.

The top, however, does not come with the extra bits – it was a plain halter. First I adjusted that strap so it fit snugger. I added the harness and choker to it.

I took a white lace shrug I already had and added the cuffs to it.

The gauntlets I had made for Arkham City, with the ruffles from a kit I had bought from Spirit in October.

So new things for this was material that better matched and rings. I spent $8 additional dollars