We checked out the Batavia Cosmic Con on Saturday the 17th.

Costume Worn: Steampunk Harley Quinn

It was a bit of a disappointment. It was little more than a few local artists and comic book dealers with minimal product on their tables. There were maybe two attendees when we arrived. The only bit of traffic it had was a family of four that came in as we were leaving.

Their facebook really hyped up the cosplay aspect, but there was only one attendee besides me dressed up when I got there. Another was coming in as I left. None of the pictures in the facebook event page reflected the location.

We got to say hi to one of our favorite artists, Will Rod of Creative Zenith, but I spent more time getting into costume than we did browsing the tables.

Was it worth the hour drive and $5 admission? Not really.

Its a shame because the location has potential being between Buffalo and Rochester. There was nothing to draw the cosplay community in. No fan panels, no activities. No reason for it to be a 2 day event.

The same group put on a show in Amherst earlier this year and it had a few more vendors, more attendees, and was one day only.

No pictures. Nothing worth taking. 🙁