Buffalo Comicon – two days of fun and friends!

We had a great time at Buffalo Comicon this year!

On Saturday, I went with Bob, my BFF, her daughter and daughter’s friend.

I started off by helping the con by passing out comic books to attendees at admission as the con’s “Harley Quinn.” I started out in my Injustice 2 costume and did that for about the first hour. Lots of hugs and high fives with attendees 🙂

We wandered about a bit. We stopped by Eric Roberts booth so that I could have The Master to go with The Doctor photo I got at NFCC. He is absolutely charming! I even came back to his table later to spell my friend who was helping with the transactions ^_^

I then got my picture taken with The Harp Twins. They are SO incredibly nice! Even though I was in a different costume, they remembered seeing me at Fanworld!

Sabretooth even paid the con a visit – AWESOME <3

I then switched into the costume I was going to compete in, my NoFlutter’s Harley costume.

I had the pleasure of running into many friends I know from “real life” as well as running into many “con friends” Ive made this last year.

Bob and I listened to The Harp Twins concert and then I participated in the cosplay contest.

I made a few more new friends in the waiting zone. I didn’t win, but had a lot of fun with everyone.

While we gone, Scooby received visits from two “aunts” and one “uncle” who gave her much hugs and even more cookies. Because she was so deprived.

Sunday, I returned to join the Queen City Cosplayers in helping to raise money for children’s cancer at Roswell. I wore Suicide Squad Harley – but only because its easy to swap out a Buffalo Bills shirt in that costume 😀 Although I should hem it up, as it makes me look chubby ;_;  It was great fun being next to Buffalo’s Best Turtles and helping my friends in the other costume groups collect money for a great cause!

Red Skull and I were interviewed for a Star Trek themed podcast while we walked around. Hopefully that will be put up and I can link it.

Even though I was in a different costume, it was great that people still recognized me from the day before.

I also ran into a few more people I know, some I only knew via facebook until today.

I had the honor of judging the kids cosplay contest. There were soooo many cuties and it was hard to pick. Some won for the costume, some won because they had a great understanding of the character, but really they all won in my book. Even shy kids participated <3

I bought a couple of cute plushes – a sloth <3 and a grey luck kitty

My feet aren’t used to being up that high of incline with those boots and so my feet super hurt now LOL I was going to clean up my weekend mess, but I can’t stand very well right now! ^_^ I might try putting in a foam insert next time I wear them.

I give much thanks to everyone who stopped for pictures, gave hugs, and engaged in conversations. I want to sincerely thank Shawn and Emil of Queen City Comics/Buffalocomicon for letting me help them in my very small ways. It was a very wonderful event and executed well. I heard a number of people compliment it and expressing that they want to incorporate ideas they saw here into their own events.

I am exhausted and sore, but I also feel pretty awesome. This con was good for soul nourishing. If I get anymore pictures, Ill put them up 🙂

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