Having had to replace my Injustice 2 Harley Quinn costume, I went with another company. I thought I would do a comparison for those thinking about it and wanted the pros and cons.

Xcoser’s version: $116.19 with free shipping since its over $99
Procosplay’s Version: $129 +$45 shipping

Turnaround time: XCoser’s took a full month from order to delivery. Procosplay took 16 days.

Material: Both are pick up leather. XCoser’s is thicker and shinier than Procosplay’s. Both are constructed well.

Fit: With XCoser, even though I am a small on their chart, I ordered medium because I was unsure since it was my first costume shop order. I would say that the top fit true to their medium. I had to get a strapless +2 cup bra to fill it out. The pants are very very tight. I cant really sit very well in it. It really digs in and gives me a muffin top ๐Ÿ™

With Procosplay, I fell into their large size. The top jusssst fits and the pants are a little loose, but not annoyingly so.

So piece by piece….Xcoser on the left and Procosplay on the right on all pictures

Jackets: I like the fit of the Xcoser’s. Its sturdy and comfortable. I wear it out as a regular jacket sometimes. Its not totally screen accurate, but I dig it. The emblem isn’t quite right and was my only real complaint.

With Procosplay its more screen accurate. They squished up the sleeves, which I don’t like. I love to wear my jacket pieces out, so Im not sure I would with this one with the sleeves permanently up. The epaulets also need to be secured. Emblem is accurate.

Winner = Both

Tops: Xoser cheated and made it a bustier. Its very short compared to how it should be. I feel weird wearing it without the jacket, so on hot days, I would swap in my Arkham City top instead. I also needed a +2 cup strapless bra to fit into it. See comments above about sizing.

Procosplay made an actual vest. My problem with it is the top between the shoulders and the breasts kinda puff out, while it is just fitting from the breast down. You could see way too much through the arm holes. I did bring in the seams at the top and that helped, but didnt fix it 100% However, it is wearable now sans jacket. On the plus side, its comfortable and I don’t have to wear a bra. Its also more screen accurate.

Winner: Procosplay

Cincher: XCoser’s is very thick and sturdy. Procosplay’s is a bit loose. The gap in front is much larger than I prefer and it has a different red as the trim for some reason.

Winner: XCoser

Pants: You can see from the picture that the XCoser one is more of a slim fit cut and that Procosplay is more of a boot cut. XCoser barely fit me. It made my butt look great, but I couldn’t really sit. It also split on me along the belt area early June, hence trying a different company. I may tailor the Procosplay one’s a little bit, but now I can sit and do action poses.

Winner: Procosplay

Belts: XCoser’s is nice and thick….but barely fits on me. Procosplay’s is very long (likely to accommodate all sizes they carry) but can’t hold up too much

Winner: Neither, I bought a new one from Walmart for $6 that was similar in look to Procosplays =/

Pouches: Xcoser’s is large and with a snap shut. They are however shallow. Great for carrying trading cards. Procosplay’s is shorter but has more depth. The flaps don’t clasp but it didn’t matter.

Winner: Both. Its your preference and depends on what you intend to carry. Neither will carry a large phone. I have a tactical case that blends in.

Knee and elbow guards: Xcoser came with these weird fabric ones that cut off my circulation. Procosplay came with real guards.

Winner: Procosplay

Holsters (guns not included with order): XCoser’s snaps to your pants. They are accurate for the pistol intended. Procosplay’s the straps of the holsters are more accurate but the holster isย  not. Ive taken the top strap from Procosplay and put it on the holsters from XCoser.

Winner: Xcoser

Accessories: Xcoser came with none. I had to buy additional gloves and goggles for it. Procosplay came with goggles and gloves.

Overall my winner is Procosplay. XCoser is still a great choice if you are looking to save a few bucks and don’t mind waiting.