Some Cosplay Thoughts:

I see a number of people online who say they would cosplay except for ________ (fill in excuse). Id like to counter some of these.

-I’m too old

BS, youre never too old. Ive seen cosplayers in their 90s. Ill be one of them.

-I need to lose weight

Its all about making the costume flatter you. Pick a character you love and make it work. Don’t worry about screen accuracy – make it so you look amazing!

-I won’t wear it unless its perfect

Then you’ll be waiting a long time. Get over yourself and just do it

-I have kids

Dress them up too! Start them young!

-No one would know the character I pick

You’d be surprised. Also if its an awesome or unique costume, no one will care – they’ll admire it even if they don’t know who it is

-Im shy

I have social anxiety. I THRIVE in costumed settings. Costumes let people know what youre interested in and allows for conversation. They will come to YOU.

-Im worried about Pervs.

Beat them profusely. Or get security to do so. Cosplay is not Consent

-I don’t know how to sew.

Neither did I until about two years about. I modified store bought/thrift store finds and manipulated them into a likeness. In the last few years, there have been some really high quality costume shops over seas. The prices overall are pretty good.

Check places like Amazon, eBay, and Wish for accessories or even full costumes

-Its not as good as other people’s

So what? Everyone started somewhere. Closet cosplay is totally a thing. What everyday stuff do you have that’s close to a character? HAVE FUN

If you see a character that looks interesting, but don’t know much about, do it anyway! Take the extra time and research the heck out of them. Find out what universe they’re in, who they interact with, their personality and mannerisms, etc. Go own it!

If you decide to join a semi-professional troupe, keep in mind that they will have standards. Take the time and read their guidelines. If they reject you, remember it isn’t YOU theyre rejecting, but the costume. Most will let you join in a helper capacity until you improve your costume. Listen to the feedback and make your adjustments. Also consider that there may already be 4 people playing your character and most events will only allow one of said character. Consider back up characters. Also sometimes events would like specific characters/groupings, so it doesn’t hurt to have multiple costumes

Like the commercial says, JUST DO IT!