October 13th, 2013.

Two significant things happened. I started a promotion that I knew in my gut was doomed for failure and my beloved Fluffy (Fluffernutter Peanutbutter Hubbard) crossed the Rainbow Bridge. If that was not a portend of doom to my new position, I don’t know what is.

4 years ago, the world became a little less Fluffy.

I miss my little stinker. She could razz and sass like no one else. She put the cats and dog in their place, because she was #1 She was my muse, my constant source of joy. She knew what she wanted and she always found a way to get it. She would tell us when she wanted out of her tank and when she wanted back in. She would bark if you tried to put her back in when she didnt want to. She was my intrepid explorer, fearless and determined.

She loved hornworms, sweet potatoes, and soaking in her “hot tub.”

Seven, our very alpha cat, misses his furless #friend

I can see you on the rainbow bridge, scowling at everyone and going “pah!”


In other news, I have updated my Buffalo Comicon gallery and added a new photography gallery for pinups & costumes.

I added in my Harley Potter costume for Halloween