Harassment comes in many forms.

Constantly DMing me about how nice I am or how pretty with literally no other substance, no matter how many times I try to redirect the conversation, is creepy.

Waxing poetic about my boobs and rear without being able to talk about anything else is very creepy. Yes I have boobs and an ass. In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

Also creepy: Only messaging me after I post a costume when you never really talked to me in a decade of being acquaintances or tagging me in explicit images

Getting pissy because I don’t respond right away is downright disturbing.

Begging for a picture is always disturbing and very very sad.

Not that it should matter why I don’t feel like being your personal chatbox, but if you can’t respect when I say “Im busy” or “Im spending time with my family” or the extremely personal truth of prolonged conversations give me anxiety, then guess what? We aren’t friends. When you are blowing up my DM, it triggers my anxiety.

And because you can’t respect my boundaries, I block you.

These are only some of the more recent issues Ive dealt with, mostly on Instagram. A couple on facebook. Someone has tried to send me shower pix (we laughed), another weirdo wanted me to be his mommy o_O One tried to follow me under a different account after I blocked his first. Your second one gets blocked too. You don’t think Id figure it out?

Stop being a “nice guy.” Put your goddamn phone down and go outside and fucking learn some social skills.

Newsflash – women don’t like creepers. Harassment isn’t fun and no, you don’t get to qualify what harassment is or isn’t. Harassment = lack of respect.

That being said, I have met a number of great people who understand and respect boundaries and who don’t lose their fucking mind if I don’t reply back. Or if I say Im not in a mood to talk actually RESPECT that.