A few bits:

  1. My MCU Captain Marvel has still not shipped. When I ordered it says if you want it for an event to give 13 days notice. I gave 16. 16 days is how long it took my last order from them to come in. We are now on day 18 🙁 I hope it comes in this week…and definitely want it by Halloween ;_;
  2. I did wear the comic version of Captain Marvel at the Hamilton Comicon. I was the only one and it went over very well. I got to see a number of my friends and overall had a nice time.
  3. Checked email. Still no shipping notice 🙁
  4. Video. Im going to be putting out some videos onto youtube. Im almost done with my first one, which is comparing the Injustice 2 Harley Quinn costume from XCoser and Procosplay. I intend to review all my bought costumes as well as go over how I made/put together others. There will be unboxings and who knows what else. I need better video lighting. Although my kitchen is bright enough, there isn’t enough directionally on me so my shadows are harsh on my face.
  5. Email ding…still not a shipping notice
  6. Met Larry Sharpe tonight, the Libertarian candidate for governor. This is a man who should be fixing the mess NYS is in.
  7. Added a few more appearances. Light the Night this Friday at Delaware Park, an grand opening for a Domino’s, and a Veterans Day parade in November.
  8. Thankful for spell check. Just saying.
  9. GTG to bed soon…hopefully Ill wake up to that shipping notice