Day 5 on no updates on my American Dream costume -_-

Going to shoot ’66 Batgirl tonight! Wheeee!

Need to clean up and get ready for guests and prep my costumes for Sunday

Our group has an opportunity to attend the Avengers Premiere as costumed guests. Problem is, we don’t have a lot of Avengers yet. My American Dream should be in, so I can represent Captain America….we have a Black Widow, which would have been my back up plan if we didnt have her. I have my cross gengered Star Lord, but I don’t think that would have worked. I do have Gamora, but need help with the paint….so what Im saying is that my first choice better be in as expected and fit like its supposed to LOL

Which also means Im going to have to fix up that weird jacket Bob bought for Star Lord. He can use my mask, wear some BDUs and a grey shirt and call it a day. I have ordered him the actual shirt, but it won’t be here in time. Oh well

Exciting things ahead!