May I Rant? Its my blog and no one reads it, so why not?

My new personal pet peeve: People asking me to borrow my costumes. Ive had a lot of people in the last 6 months think that my costume closet is available for their use.

I’m sorry, but no.

I have a number of reasons.

Firstly, this is my investment for my hobby and it is NOT CHEAP. Serious cosplay is going to cost money. Even “keeping” it cheap usually involves a bought piece in the $50 range for me. Whether or not I make it or buy it, a costume will run me $50-$170. I try to get things locally or thru Amazon, since I have Prime to save on shipping. But some items I cannot get around that and it isn’t always cheap, especially if Im getting it from outside the country. I do look for deals and coupons to save where I can, but its still not pocket change.

I have been burned numerous times in my life when lending items to people. They almost always come back damaged, if I get them back at all. I never get an apology, much less an offer to replace it. It made me realize that people only value me for what I can do for them/give them and do not value me as a person, since they cannot treat my belongings with respect.

Just because I can sew it does not mean it is cheaper or will save you money if I make it. Materials are not cheap and most things I do need a pattern for. For the cost on the materials/pattern alone, someone can outright buy decent commercial costumes. It will also take me several days, maybe even weeks, to make some costumes. When I point this out, I find that people stop talking to me. I am not making a costume for $20 in a couple of days time.

I am always happy to take a few minutes to help track down usable/cost efficient alternatives someone can use to put together their own costume. But sometimes, that isn’t good enough.

Secondly, when I buy or make costumes, they are bought/modified/made to fit me. My proportions are not typical and will not fit most people I personally know. I’m sorry, if youre 25+ pounds heavier than I am it is very likely an item will tear or break. Please re-read reason one.

It really isn’t my problem you decided to attend a costume friendly event at the last minute.

It’s not my problem you were invited to Halloween party and you don’t want to buy a costume.

It isn’t my problem if you can’t afford the costume you want.

I appreciate you like what I have, but I didn’t buy/make it for you.

I didn’t buy/make them so that you could save money.

My personal costumes are separate from the costumes provided by Queen City Pinups, LLC They aren’t for the business. On occasion, I may donate pieces, like when I lost weight and replaced a bodice I bought from Hot Topic or when I got a tulle skirt and it didn’t work with an idea I had.

I buy/make the costumes I want because its my money being used for it.

End rant