Pffft yeah, I don’t write a lot..

So, yes my MCU Captain Marvel came in and its awesome…and when I wore it for Halloween at work and for a party I was hired to entertain at a fire hall, I ended up puncturing it. It looks like when I went potty the back zipper flipped under and caught it 🙁 Now the hole didn’t spread, which speaks to its durability. I was able to reinforce it and it SHOULD be ok, but with it being compromised, I was concerned.

Originally, I was going to see about replacing just the jumpsuit, but when I was looking up info for a friend, I saw that the shop made a new version already. I made a little noise and my husband, who was standing right over my shoulder, rolled his eyes and told me to go get it LOL I love him! But I waited for the Christmas Sale 😀

Now I DID start making a review video for the previous version….but the damage came right after I made the raw pieces. Now I will wait until I have the newer version and I make it a compare video 🙂

Otherwise, Ive added a few more events to the 2018 Gallery and its now a wrap.

Ill be getting the site ready for 2019 and prioritizing my next cosplay goals. Some store bought, some hand made…we’ll see how it goes to see what Ill do first

Its been a crazy year. There’s been a few low points, with assholes crossing my path, but the GREAT people and experiences Ive had this year FAR outweigh them

I probably won’t have anymore updates until next year, so as my boss likes to say “See ya on the flip side!”