Here is a small smattering of updates.

Found my old convention pictures. Not a whole lot for some. They’re all up on my facebook albums.

My Injustice 2 costume came in yesterday. A little loose on top and juuuuuust fits my bottom. Going to spend a few weeks toning and see if that helps. The belt wasn’t going to fit in the right spot, no matter how I tried it, so it will need modifications. The knee pads were the same size as the elbows, so I’ll pick up a new set. I got the wig, goggles, and boots (although I can’t wait for my New Rock ones to turn up for this costume). The pistols, I found a nerf on amazon I can paint.

So give me 3-4 weeks to try to tone up my legs and butt and Ill post pictures for that one.

Hot Topic had buy 1 get 1 old cosplay inventory. They had the right size I needed for my Arkham Knight variant Harley I bought a bit ago. The one I bought is too loose, especially since I dropped weight. My free was a red/black wig I plan on using for my Sith Lady Harley. I have a great one bookmarked on Amazon in case I can’t style this one.