So my mystery shipment from UPS came in.

It turns out that my order from XCoser came in! I was not expecting it for several reasons:

  1. My order status still shows “Processing”
  2. Its still in the right time frame for being processed
  3. My last costume from them took a month from order to deliver, so wasn’t expecting it until next month

You will see my initial GWENPOOL out of the box review next Wednesday. I have some plastic katanas on order and will need to get pink shoes. I have white, which will do for now.

Update on my Gamora cosplay: Paint should be arriving today. Still waiting on the wig to deliver. Need to make wristlets, which I probably will do this weekend. Im making it out of scrap materials…duck canvas, cotton, nylon webbing for the wrapping. Don’t mock my scrap hoarding 😛