Its the one year anniversary of when I killed my hair. :O

So, September of last year, after swearing I wasn’t going to bleach my hair, I bleached my hair.

I used a kit I never used before. With a help of a friend, we got the job the done…or so we thought. It seems that despite saturation, some spots did not take. Shouldn’t have been surprised, I was going from red to blonde.

We got ourselves a second kit a week later. The consistency looked off, but we went ahead with it. It did nothing. Busted batch.

Later on, we got a third kit and that was the charm. Everything was fine.

6 weeks later, I touched up my roots. No problems.

…and then this day last year….I touched my roots and went to brush out my hair while watching football. Hair was coming out on my brush, but I have very thick hair and shed like crazy, so I wasn’t worried. It was slightly above what normalyl came out, but I figured I didn’t brush it out enough before putting the bleach on.

…and then larger chunks came out. Now, not disastrous but enough to raise my eyebrow. It seemed to settle down and I went about my day.

I would brush my hair in the morning and that little more than normal would pull out…slightly concerned, but not code red…

It would take another 2 weeks to return to pulling out in chunks. I lost 3/4 of my hair, yo. I ruined my perfect ponytail! If I wore my hair down, it didn’t look nearly as disastrous since I have thick hair. But keeping my hair down in the wintertime, UGH

Suffice it to say, I got to my hair dressers, where I was promptly banned from touching my hair again LOL Several deep conditioning treatments and careful hair cuts helped make it look like an intentional short hair cut versus me killing it. Ive had to wear wigs for my costumes, which wasn’t really so bad, but missed my own hair.

It is FINALLY able to show some length and I have all my poofiness back. At least when I cosplay Gwenpool, I won’t need a wig lol