Yeah its been crazy busy! Between fun group activities, getting ready for the convention, and dealing with a straight up psycho, its been quite the juggle.

American Dream x2

So firstly, we did Free Comic Book Weekend with Queen City Bookstore – it was a total blast seeing all the kids and meeting new people. There was even a Mini American Dream for me 😉 LOOK HOW ADORABLE WE ARE!!!!!

I was American Dream Saturday and Harley Quinn on Sunday 🙂

Bob has really been cranking out the prints for Nickel City Con. There will be a number of me in my various costumes as well as the other Queen City Pinups Ambassadors. So stop by and say Hi. Ill have various costume changes along the way, so feel free to come by multiple times 🙂

Costuming front: I have 2 new costumes on the way. One was a great sale on Black Widow at XCoser, so I had to (ONLY $50!!). The other will be my second supported costume and I don’t want to reveal it (although I do in one spot on the site), but it will be to capitalize on a couple of MCU  movies coming out next spring….