Here are my various costume updates:

Gamora: Wig is on way, probably a little on the bright side but I am trying to keep costs down. I need to make the wrist wraps from some scraps, and the green paint. This is not turning out to be cheap, but I still don’t like what I see out there in the “affordable” range and Im still well under what ย the decent costume shops would charge. This costume will end up costing around $75, so cheaper than the overseas costumes but more expensive then intended. But also no sewing, other than the the wrist wraps.

Gwenpool is being made, yet to ship. Need to get some pink converse….eyeballing a pair on sale on Journey’s site…or should I use my white pair that I already own…?

SSQ Comic Version Harley, Materials bought but I keep getting sidetracked ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Plus Im feeling fluffy again, so I need to slim down my thighs some more. Its my tough area ๐Ÿ™