Here is another set of store bought costumes for review!

Hula Girl

The lei I had from some party or another.

The grass skirt and coconut bra are both available from Spirit Halloween. They are both one size, although I am not sure if I would wear this without having spankies under the skirt and maybe some extra adhesive on the bra. The bra DID cover my girls, but the string felt flimsy 😮

Overall it IS very cute and it looked good on me. For your budget, it was only $17, but was cheaper after coupons. There are other hula outfits/accessories and they’re all inexpensive. If you’re on a budget and don’t mind potential accidental exposure, this is a great costume.




Batgirl corset and skirt

Spirit has a ton of mix and match super hero pieces and Batgirl is no exception. These pieces are “cutesey” but surprisingly well made with durable material. Although both the corset and the skirt had a “utility” belt. I hiked the skirt up higher and covered the one on the corset.

The skirt is $24.99 and the corset is $29.99 and comes in sizes sm-xl. Again, wait for a good coupon.

There is no give on the skirt and I had to a medium to get over my hips. It was HUGE on my waist and we have it clipped in the back.




Nurse Harley Quinn wants to give you your shots!

“Nurse” Harley says “C’mere for yer shot mistah!”
Costume available for use at Queen City Pinups. Size small.

Adult Say Ahhh Nurse Costume

This comes with the dress, cap, the shots and stethoscope. I substituted the included cap for the nurse harley cap.

The dress could use some steaming out of the bag. The props are fun and the dress fit well. This is clearly meant for a party crowd! Be sure to wear a light colored bra with it, as materials are thin.

The outfit is $36.99 and the Harley cap is $12.99


All mentioned reviews are from items personally purchased by self or studio. I am not paid for my reviews. They are only here to inform consumers.