I am SO SO excited for this Review Wednesday.

Much to my surprise, my GWENPOOL came in early! It still shows as “Processing” as the status on the website.

Originally, I was going to make this. I had the materials specced out, the pattern I wanted, etc. I knew XCoser had their own, but I really wanted to do a different material and I wanted the cuffs to not be attatched to the body suit, so I didn’t consider it.

Then I won a 50% off coupon with them, so I figured “Why not?” At that price, it was hard to refuse, saving me a lot of time procuring pieces and making it.

As usual, the quality is great. It fits well and I can definitely wear it all day. Its made from a durable material with some stretch to it.

The accessories to seem to be a one size fits all, so many pieces have a lot of slack to them. The belting has a lot of give, so I may whittle some down. The harness is a bit loose on me, so after I get a couple of con safe katanas in, I will see how they fit on me and make adjustments on the harness.

My only complaint is the mask. It does not fit, as its too big. However it will be an easy fix for me to get it lined up right by tightening the neck area. I will likely wear it maskless tho and get the pink fringe when my hair finally grows back out (its allowed now).

It does not include gloves or shoes. I will get pink ones eventually, but for now I have white shoes 🙂 As for gloves, I have a ton of white of gloves, so no biggie.

This will also be the first time since LAST YEAR that Im wearing a costume that doesn’t need a wig!!! However, XCoser also has the Gwenpool wig if you need it.

This took 10 days from order to delivery. I think because it was in stock. If its an item that needs to be made, expect about a month to get it

Although I am not paid by XCoser, I do have an affiliate account with them, so if you like what Ive been getting from them use the code Susan20 and receive 20% off of your order over $30

I have many cosplay pieces from them. This is my second costume and I also have 3 wigs.