Spring Buffalo Comicon is over. 🙁

It started out slow due to the ice storm, but picked up within a couple of hours. There were some amazing costumes and I got to be with my WNYSAC fam. Only had to deal with one idiot…BTW no one buys it when you claim your facebook was “hacked” – how about don’t start shit on someone’s home turf? You will get spanked. I do have friends EVERYWHERE even if I have your victim card playing, pervy ass blocked. 😀 I am forever grateful to the amazing BCC/QCB staff for always looking out for us.

On that note, I loved seeing old friend, making new ones, hanging out and getting to judge the competition! We found some good causes to help promote and I met a facebook friend in person!

I started my day in Injustice 2 HQ and switched to Green Lantern, which went over better than I thought, You never know how conceptional takes on characters will go over lol

A couple of us went to our favorite Thai place afterwards and had fun decompressing.

Im looking forward to our next event on April 28th – Infinity War Meet and Greet!