Holy cow, its FINALLY warm-ish. Temps are anywhere between 40-60 and honestly, Ill take it over the snow.

JLWNY has done a few events. We had something every weekend in April. Lots of fun and networking. Hopefully, in a couple weeks we will officially be a register charity group. We can then file for a fundraiser status so  that we can raise operating expenses as well as for charities of our choice. After that, we will be aiming to earn a 501c3 tax exempt status – so fingers crossed.

ENDGAME – just OMG :O I held back my tears because I didn’t want to smudge my make up, true story. Ill probably see it again but not in costume so I can ugly cry all I want. I won’t give spoilers, but lets just say I concur that Steve Rogers has America’s Ass 😀 I also loved the shout out to A Force –  pleeeeeeease let that become a thing!

Costume wise, I need to finish painting the ice axe for my updated Lara Croft. Its going to be mostly Shadow of the Tomb Raider, with a bit of the movie thrown in. My steampunk Captain Marvel is one of those that I am working on at my leisure. You know, a bit here, a bit there. Its sort of my work on between bigger projects. I need to put the red cuffs on (might be a little challenge with the way the jacket is designed), make my gaiters, and an aviator’s cap. Im also making a new belt for American Dream. I needed new pants and they don’t quite match the blue of the top because its a different material (but otherwise I love them). If I use the belt that came with the costume,  I would have 3 different blues, so I decided to make a new brown belt so the color shift doesn’t look as obvious until I can buy the real replacement pants. Plus, I can make the pickets actually fit things like my phone and trading cards 😛 My BIG costume Im gearing up for is Mera, JL version. I want to make the armor. While I like the made ones online, I think I can make it look better with the proper armor. Save my big purchase for Valkyrie. I hope to have it done in enough time for Fanexpo and to get a picture with Jason Mamoa in it 😀 😀 😀

NFL DRAFT – I LOVE what Brandon Beane has done for the Bills. I LOVE that the players he selected truely want to be here. Exciting times ahead. Trust the Process. We get to the Super Bowl again, Ill fucking tattoo that somewhere. Although I want a Flerken tattoo first….assuming I can stop spending money on cosplay :O