So I finished my Rey costume! Yay! I also ordered the Dark Rey because its inexpensive and if I feel like being on the dark side,  then BAM! Amirite?

I earned myself a TON of Amazon credits and I mean a TON. I cashed in rewards, I did surveys, I hustled LOL I used it to get the new White Black Widow costume. It won’t come with boots, so I will buy my own when it comes in. It was still cheaper than buying it from someplace with boots and whatever footwear I buy will probably be more comfortable.

I tried to re-use my Mera wig for Widow….and despite it supposed to be stylable, it really wasnt for a simple braid 🙁 Originally I was going to dye my hair but Im not likely to be in a salon until sometime in June 🙁 So Ive ordered a cheapy off Amazon that is supposed to be able to be put in a pony tail ok….except it may not deliver until the middle of May o.o