Today’s Throwback Thursday is an oldie from 2000. This is Anime North in its 2nd or 3rd year.

If you don’t recognize the characters, its from one of my favorite anime of all time, Revolutionary Girl Utena and I was Utena Tenjou.

How I came into the group was on the interesting side. The young man in blue playing Miki was on a message board I also frequented at the time, but I can’t remember which it was. He  wasn’t happy with the commercial rose seal rings available and he wanted to get a real ring custom made. Getting a ring cast was not cheap, so he reached out to the internet to see if he could get enough people to meet the minimum the jeweler wanted, both in terms of $$ and the minimum quantity to make.

I jumped on board, having extra money at the time and wanting an opportunity to have an unique item.

When the rings came in from Japan, he contacted everyone who ordered to make shipping arrangements. When I mentioned my location, he asked if I would be coming up to AN and I said I was. He was ecstatic because he could give it to me in person and not have to deal with international shipping and it would save us both time and money. It came up that I was cosplaying Utena and he told me he had a student council group with no Utena, so would I join them? Of course I would! The various members hailed from all over Canada. IIRC, “Akio” hailed from Montreal. They were all awesome people and I’m glad I met them. We even did a skit 🙂

I hope that where ever they are that they are all doing well in the 17 years that have passed and that they also still have their rose seals.

FTR, that is my real hair. Even before we were even dating, Bob bleached and dyed my hair. My hair was so thick and long that it required 4 bottles on manic panic LOL