Hidey ho!

I’ve purchased my pass for Fanworld for SATURDAY JULY 22nd. Bob will be bringing his camera to photograph cosplayers. I will be dressing in my primary costume, Steampunk Harley, so keep an eye out for me if you would like a picture from Bob.

With Bombshell Harley done and the wait game for Injustice 2 Harley to come in, I am thinking of finalizing my Steampunk Sith Lady Harley. I have many of the pieces and recycling some from my steampunk costume. I don’t know if the look will be better served with the gaiters or if I should wait until my New Rock boots come in. It’s meant to compliment my steampunk jedi costume, so I wonder if I should make that one a “good” Harley, rather than an OFC? It’d be another excuse to use the wig I have for Bombshell LOL